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Recently; last day of degree show, travelling to edinburgh, m83, ikea, art galleries, back to aberdeen, night out.


degree show

I have been ignoring you for far too long.

Many things have been happening, among which I have graduated from art school. (Well, technically the graduation ceremony isn't until mid-July, but regardless, I have completed art school. Hurrah!)
Our degree show is currently taking place with a couple of days left to go.
This is what my space looks like. I've also included a few more detailed shots of works I don't think have seen this blog before.

I have vaguely set up a "website" for displaying my work. Here it is.
I use the term website loosely as its host site is Tumblr.
I know, I know. I'm sorry.
I feel dirty saying the word Tumblr on here, its as if I'm cheating on my boyfriend right in front of him.
I still love you Blogger, don't worry. No one will ever replace you.
Its just that Tumblr blogs are so easily customised it was quite simple to dress it up as a semi-professional portfolio website.

I will blog more.

Immediately after final hand-in, I completely swore off of all things art-related. We needed a cooling off period. But Now I'm becoming inspired again.

I feel that nearing the end of my course, actually more than that, possibly even throughout the majority of the course I felt stifled. It was as if being told to "make" completely tore the joy out of making. It was necessary to play around and be creative to get good results but knowing that whatever I made was going to be critiqued very closely was always in the forefront of my mind. This made it almost impossible to be as playful and directionless as required.

Now I know I can do anything I want to and there won't be the nagging feeling of, "But what are the tutors going to think of this?"

I don't even know if the art world is for me. I'd like to get back into crafting and writing and cooking and just generally feeling free to create "stuff". And, ugh, just enjoying life without feeling guilty about it having nothing to do with my degree. Then perhaps my joy of making art will return.

I'll make every effort to record that here. But for now, sleep.


Marina Richter Interview

Do you believe that with the rise of digital photography the phrase “everyone can be a photographer” is true?

I ask back: In the past, could not everyone be a photographer? I don´t think that the rising of digital photography is the date of the access of the mass into photography. Analog photo does not mean real complication, or? The jump into the practicable photography for everyone was much earlier than at the point, where digital P. became standard. There are people, who are interested in technology with the focus on future and progress and improvement. And these people work with the complexity of things and invest a lot of time in it. And there are people who are looking into the past and are interested in past inventions. I try not to lose in technical things. Photography is so much and a photographer can define himself on so many things. My rather questions are: what is a photographer. What has a photographer to achieve and how long and how intensive. Who is
a photographer and who is a picture maker and who is an artist and what means what? Even before digital photography was affordable for everyone.

Beautiful words by taker of beautiful photographs.
I wish I would stop finding things that would have been useful for writing my dissertation months after I handed it in.


artist statement

I am obsessed with old photographs. Bad photographs. Forgotten photographs.
Frustrated by photography (and everything else) becoming increasingly reliant on digital, I started collecting physical, analogue images. Overlooked images. And I have given them a home in my drawings. I hope the intricate, time-consuming nature of making pencil drawings gives the photographs a new-found life. Photographs embody the ghostliness of something having been there which doesn’t exist any longer. Photographs are the corpse of a moment in time. Through my drawings I like to resurrect this moment.

“The world forgetting, by the world forgot.” – Alexander Pope




So I recently featured in an actual art show.

My class have been planning our pre-degree show in Edinburgh for the past few months.
It was an amazing space we had to exhibit in and the entire event ended up looking more professional than I think any of us had hoped for.

I travelled down to Edinburgh on Friday for the opening night and stayed until Tuesday evening. I really liked the lifestyle of living out of a suitcase, trying to suss out unfamiliar public transport and not knowing where I'm going to be sleeping every night. I'm always met with a slight sense of disappointment when coming back home.


A drawing that I think Is finished and a new one in its early stages.