I don't know much about computers, not even my own. My dad set up all the basic components and i essentially just use it to decant recently taken photographs onto and then browse the internet. My laptop recently crashed due to having a ridiculously full hard drive and dad had to set up all the basic components again. This time, there's a small tool in the top right corner that randomly slideshows through all the image files on my computer. About 4 years worth of photographs that were barely looked at at the time.

Tiny memories I thought I'd forgotten about.

I think I'm being haunted.


about today

Something has changed around here. And thus far it seems to be working. I will be seeing my tutor today. Hopefully he'll agree.


young blood

Today I got my first ever filling. I feel old and decrepit. Like my last last glimmer of unadulterated, natural youthfulness has been shattered.

These sounds and images ratify the gap.