hold on to yourself.

Final assessment will be taking place in approximately 12 hours.

I really could do with at least another week.

Yet I still seem to find myself checking up on facebook updates every half hour.


coffee black and egg white.

I just finished watching Cruel Intentions.
Its one of those movies that I remember watching as a child in my bedroom, sitting 6 inches away from my tiny, ancient TV screen with the volume turned down the lowest it would go. Then I'd quickly turn it off whenever someone would walk past my room. God forbid a parent would catch a glimpse of sex or swearing.

This is also the method I used to learn about vampires.

Anyway, it opened my eyes to what great music was around at the end of the nineties. Placebo, The Cardigans, Blur...all good stuff. I of course at the time was too wrapped up in where Steps stood in the charts to notice what was going on around them. Deary me, wasted youth..


i got a new toy.

Lets ignore the fact that I've taken such a rubbish photo of such a pretty camera.
But shes here! Shes here!
Thank you glorious postman for braving such a blustery morning to bring this gorgeous creature to my bosom.
I am just now beginning to research how she's going to be burning holes in my pockets. But that is beside the point.
Look how pretty she is!

Anyway. Today has been a fairly unproductive day. Fairly unproductive by most people's standards. However by my stayinginbedalldayplayingmafiawars standards I've been crazy busy! Check it.
I made 5 whole canvases from scratch. (As well as levelling up in Mafia Wars. Twice.)
I'm also in process of making a tiny, terribly-decorated, 70's styled bedroom. More light will be shed on this later.
Sex and the City is currently on the television as I type. There is something about that show that makes me feel terribly organised. Perhaps its the fleet of confident, successful, single women going into the world and making it on their own. However, I think I am influenced solely on the visual of Carrie Bradshaw typing on her laptop in her beautiful duck-egg blue apartment.
Thats it, I need a duck-egg blue bedroom. Then I can justify having long-winded but ever so well put together internal monologues that make a confident, organised woman.



Today we took camera out for a jog in the pretty white goodness.

This is what happens to people who throw snowballs at me. They get blogged! With a face like that! Ha.Also, check out what Stonehaven was doing today. Thats a wave. A big huge wave. Pretty cool, huh.
I am so ridiculously under prepared for the new year. I have far too much uni work to do in such a short space of time I don't even know where to begin. Its painful. I'd much rather play Mario Kart until 4am rather than just get on with it. Hmm.