This has happened to my eyes about 2-3 times a week or the past 6 or so years.
Usually a little after midnight, when I start to get tired.

Various opticians and doctors have told me not to worry about it. Its nothing.

Google tells me I probably have a brain tumour.

new york

So this is all I can currently muster of my recent trip to The Americas, despite there being way much more to muster.

Coney Island was my favourite. More on that later. Perhaps.

My sleep pattern has screwed itself up in the opposite direction from before. The time is currently 6.20am and I have yet to sleep.

I have however now managed to make sense of those essay topics. Feeling marginally well put together now.

I plan to make good use of studio time in a couple of hours (perhaps post-nap).

I'm craving canvas and wood.
The process and repetition of constructing a stretcher.
Then the ever-enduring aroma of turpentine.
Having horrible, grubby fingernails for weeks.

Its been too long.