comforting things

I have had so many little things to worry about lately that I have found myself quaking, actually quaking. The whole heart beating, mind wont rest, must get up in the middle of the night to pace around the room type of indirect fear.

Tonight, when I realised I was quaking, I decided to write a list of "Things I am Worried About". I started writing the list and my hand continued.
It picked up on so many little things I didn't think were that important, things that have collectively combined to form the quaking. I got to 16 bullet points which filled the page, but couldn't bear to turn it over to continue. One page of fear is quite enough for now. I will leave it and score things off when they no longer give me reason to worry.

I have spent a lot of this Summer watching the sun rise and set. I'm not sure why. It has just all of a sudden become something appealing to do. Something soothing, when all else is erratic and unsure the sun will always rise and set.


Life In A Day

Today I saw this film. It was nice.

My flatmate said it made her feel like she hasn't achieved enough with her life.

It made me feel like I haven't documented enough of mine. Not that I feel I have any great achievements to show. But that if you write, draw, film or photograph something everyday then it proves you've existed. You've done something. Anything. Even if its completely insignificant.