If you're planning on losing a limb, do so abroad.

Because you'll get £15000 for it.

Trying to pick out some travel insurance.

Its totally not as simple as confused.com and the various youtube celebrities who endorse it make it out to be.


I am hungover.

But Urban Outfitters just got some really pretty dresses in stock.


My heart hurts.

I often get these weird spasm-like things in my chest. Its tremendously painful whenever I move/breathe.

They're pretty much uncool.
They were so much worse way back when I used to exercise.
Turns out theres a lot of moving/breathing involved in exercise.

I hate my job. I require a new one.
I've lived through the hypocrisy of being a vegetarian meat-distributor for too long.
I'm too old for that shiznit. Seriously.

I also need new living arrangements. I feel like a lousy, big freeloader still living at home. What with the part-time job plus student loan I have a generous enough income to move out. Yet somehow my bank balance falls back to zero at the end of each month. Its as if I spend money purely because its there.

Must find flat and spend money purely on bills, ikea furniture and cocoa pops.

Thats the life.


My Black and Whites.

First semester of uni is over. I'm trying to organise all my work for assessment on Monday and trying to make decisions.