Oh, and check this out. This is a painting you made.
Remember when you used to make paintings?
No, neither do I.


Still Life October 2009
Oil on Canvas



in the sun

(via so much to tell you)

Hello adorable Zooey :)
Ohh, what I wouldn't do to get inbetween you and your equally adorable husband..

I've been feeling very melancholic lately, with regards to most aspects of my being. Nothing here has changed in a long time. It should have been, but its not.

Words that could be used to describe my current state include but are not limited to the following:
lacklustre, snagnatic, listless, apathetic, pensive, apprehensive, lethargic.


The Son of Psoriasis.

So I very recently discovered that that book by Hemingway is actually called The Sun Also Rises.
What a nice title for a book. Just four short, easily decipherable words. NO.

I must've only ever heard it being spoken about on TV and suchlike and never actually saw the book in physical form because I have spent a lifetime thinking it was called THE SON OF PSORIASIS for craps' sake.

I should get trophies for reaching new levels of retardom.

I've kind of always pictured it being about some awkward "coming of age" dude, (suffering from of a long-term bout of psoriasis, conveniently) stumbling about life, trying to find his way all the while feeling controlled by his infliction. Whatever.

Way to go Scottish education system, way to go.


Studio, lately.

So this would be more accurately titled as "Things I have been doing in the studio when I should have been doing more useful things in the studio, lately."
I have slowly been getting better though. Getting more settled into a routine.
Kind of.
Things are looking good on the clothes front though! I haven't slipped up and have been discovering hidden gems in my wardrobe.
I have however been fantasising about what clothes I will be buying for the summer when these 3 months are over. I have a modest, "summer must-haves" list. How very cosmo of me..